That`s what friends are for!

170708 022c

I am lucky! I have so many good friends visiting and
we have sooo good time together,
here are some glimpses, but a good Greek photo first;

170706 019c

170708 064c
Tine came back yesterday, she always puts me in very good mood!

170708 089c170708 070c170708 051c170708 058c


Who is not in a good mood when visiting Agnondas?

It was the first night of the season at Pavlos
with live music;

170708 093c
Welcome back from France. They both have the last name Syros, and are from Skopelos. Actually Nikos is Kostas uncle.

170708 096c170708 097c


Agnondas is sooo lovely!
But back to some of my friends;

170708 023c
with Maria M & Venke B

170708 017c


Here are so many nice places for eating,
and so many nice views!

And I must say the quality of food and the variety is
getting better and better!
I think Skopelos is best on Greek traditional food,
– many only with vegetables.
Due to wishes from customers many places serves
schnitzel and that kind of food too!

Birthday party for Per M;

170706 048c170706 049c170706 053c170706 055c170706 058c170706 059c

Such a great night!

Now it is time for some town pics and flowers;

Over to our neighbor island;

170706 065

Bravo sas! And now from the one island
to the other, Skiathos;

When I worked the last 6 years for Lilleput
I started to use the app Flightradar24 and found it very helpful.
Yesterday many charters landed in Skiathos and amongst them
2 from KTW – Katowice, and I started to wonder
where is that? In Poland, – so I learned something new.
Another from Lubljana in Slovenia and
of course 2 flight from Oslo, Norway!
But I think Friday is the most busy day at the airport
with so many flight coming from the UK.

170706 078
I do not know anything of this poster, but I liked the look of it! One should always celebrate the full moon, the Panselinos!

170706 083


FaceBook – I always finds something there!

Have a lovely full moon evening,
+ it was full this morning, as fare as I know!

170706 020c

If you want to listen to a great fullmoon song
go on YouTube and ask for

Εχει πανσεληνο αποψε Χαρις Αλεξιου

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