Aegean sea, Music & …

I love Greek music, I love the sea, I 💙 …

This one “spoke” to me on FaceBook today. I love the photo and I recognized the lyrics, I have heard it many time before, from my favorite CD with Georgios Dalaras & Pix Lax, – so I had to go to;


Påh påh, what romantic & sad lyrics!!!

This is the translation on what is written on the photo; 

να μου φανερώνεις του Αιγαίου τα μυστικά, να μου τραγουδήσεις πράγματα γνωστά, και να νιώθω πως σε ξέρω από παλιά

for you to reveal to me the secrets of the Aegean sea, for you to singing to me things everbody knows, for me to feel I have known you for a long time

If you want to listen to it, with my favorite singer Georgios Dalaras, here it is on YouTube – Τι ´ναι αυτό που μας ενώνει – what is this thing that makes us one

Well, Georgios is the one in black who plays a baklama – kind of small bouzouki – in the begining, he sings as no two, the first one is Babis Stokas, and the band is Pix Lax, just great!

Since we were “on the sea” today, look what the sea  brought in last night;

Most boat pics are from the excelent app MarineTraffic


Lucky people on board, they came from the paradise of Kyra Panagia in the National Marine Park, I have not been there for some years!!! One day I will be back!

I wonder who is on board? For sure somebody rich, hope the have a good time!

I do not know any of them, but one day … I might sail away, but for sure I will be back on Skopelos – more or less, forever!

I once read this slogan, or whatever it is called;

Give yourself time to DREAM …

Dream of Skopelos I say to those who had to leave;


Here are some more of last nights arrivals;

One more beautiful cruise-boat some days ago, Sea Cloud, who I see from my terrasse every time it is here;


Over to


I think they got 325,- €, very good! I liked that we were collecting to the Health Centre here, with mom I used it a lot over the years, and the service is free, and and

You get help immediately!

Over to blue, flowers & food;


We need some art as well;


Sorry the colors came out too BLUE! 


and more art;


The summer has arrived on Skopelos, finally, so what about a lunch in Agnondas today! Wish you all a great time!

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