Kalo Mina


I love my life in Skopelos!
I love the Greek way of greeting eachother,
all the time something to be happy about –
more or less!
Like today we all say Kalo Mina to eachother,
Good MOnth!

More and more flowers showing up day by day!
This must be spring!!!

170228-017cI have never see wild tulippes here;
But we can not have it all!!!

We have just had a “treemero” –
a tree days holidays. Saturday it was
A public holiday only in Skopelos,
like other islands and places has their saints day!
Agios Reginos` monastery is on the “new” road to Panormos,
passing though Kambos.

Sunday was supposed to be


the big fake wedding parade and many parties,
but due to a tragic death due to leukemia of a 4,5 year old child
all was cancelled! RIP to the child and
condolences to the family, what a tragedy.


And Monday καθαρά Δευτέρα / Kathara Deftera / Clean Monday
– the start of the 40 days lent, – next party is Easter!


The good thing this time of the year is that we can be
more and more outside.
We had the only table outside at Dimitrakis,
and it was all so lovely.

My first ceramics are ready, and as tradition
my first work was for mom ;o)
Signs on our wooden gates.


Καλό μήνα


8 thoughts on “Kalo Mina”

  1. Dear Nana,
    Kalo Mina for you and Your mam. I gladly take some of the tulips!
    The days have become longer here up in the North as well. But, still we have some snow around.

    The Skopelos holiday is now booked and we will be back in August.
    Wish you a lovely day.

    Best regards,
    Elizabeth & Frode Bakken

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      1. Håper rakfisken smakte til forventningene. Gleder oss til august og la oss håpe Nena er på vannet. Klem fra meg som for tiden er på jobb i Brasil.
        Hils mor og alle andre rundt omkring. Elizabeth

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kalo Mina to Nana and Kate, My heart goes out to the childs family and prayers to them.

    Your pictures were beautiful today! I have never seen a tulip field under olive trees. What a spectacular sight! Have a great day! Love Rose

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Rose! I am so happy for your comments. Read todays page that I just posted and as I write in the beginning, I am a but sad about Skiathos being on the best page and photos! Anyway now I will walk my doggies, and that always makes me happy! Have a lovely weekend!


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