Friday 30th of Dec

Friday at 08.30 no snow on the ground, just some flakes,
up here in Raches. There is snow on the mountains.
We had some hail yesterday and the temperature was between
+3.7 and +8.9C up here 210 m up from the sea!
Typically Norwegian to talk about the weather!
Photos from yesterday;


This was on my gate, only place where the snow gathered.
Pelles twin brother, whom I will also call Pelle, (Pelle died some years ago) was away for a long time, but shows up every now and then. Yesterday he got a big meal all to himself! Important that cats are not hungry now when it is cold. I feed them twice a day!

161230-036This is from FaceBook, amazing to have so many
dogs sitting for a photo, looks real to me!


Enjoy the last days of 2016,
what will 2017 bring?
Let`s hope for the best ;o)

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