Panselinos & …


This photo I worked on on my HP PC, not very good, – taken with my phone.



The way my phone took it, it looked much more romantic ;o)

Anyway I love the moon!
Πανσέληνος  Pansèlinos
Full Moon

It was full when we went out for the last time yesterday
and it was full now when I went out to feed the cats!

A big thank you to the guys who gave “light” up here,
(they changed broken lamps on the street light)
the lamp above us has been out a few days,
but the one on the corner down of here
has been out for months.
I need to see when I go out with the “girls” in the evening!
Funny enough, last night I did not want lights,
the Panselinos was enough!!!

img_5530cGood to have wood but even better to have view!
I find it so amazing how the colors of the sea changes
all the time!

Yesterday the temperature up here was 8,7 high and 5,1 low, +C of course.

I saw this poster, so why not put it up! It is terrible when you loose one of your loved animals.


Sometimes I hate FaceBook but I do find things there
who is worth a though!

Our Christmas bed ;o)


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