Tzilali walk & roadworks

I love walking and so do my doggies,
the other day we walked this;

More from the walk through the valley up from Glisteri;

We always take a small de-tour to:
I love this place and the good news is:


We live up on the hill of Raches:

Road-works, bravo:

They are working on the road down in the Potami valley as well,
so good to see, I will photograph another day.
Some more pics;

Fun to see a Greek word with “normal” letters! TYROKOMIKA means cheese/cheese-making. This was the rapping-paper I got when I bought my Emmental!
At you school is there any foreigners? – asked the man, the little girl replies “No, at our school there are only children!”

Ribbe is a very traditional Christmas dinner in Norway!
This was very nice and it had a lot of “crisps” too!

My little friend;




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