11,5 km walk

Some time ago we took a long walk in the heart of Skopelos.
I drove to Diakopi and from there we made a great round-walk,
nearly only waking on paths or dirt roads.
And we had a great lunch stop at Ektors in Mortero.
Sorry but the photos are lost!!!
My iPhone does not work well with my HB home PC!!!

Some glimpses from town;


Some of my animal friends;

Shopping in Skopelos is getting better and better;

To the right is German Gluewein –
I use to make my own – Gløgg!

Over to some food;

161109-008cMy mom does not make a lot of food any more,
so she really impressed me when I came for breakfast the other day!

Graffiti on the back side of the town hall, saying something like;

“To leave you does not work     I tried”



I do not know who the graffiti is for, but for me it could be about Skopelos!

Here you always find a beautiful door;

Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο


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