What do you do in the winter?

A question I often get!
Here are some of my answers;
# I go to the beach with my doggies

and often we have the beach to ourselves,
so nice and peaceful.


# You might know that we go Molos every Sunday lunch
and have a wonderful food, wine & music-time!
# I walk a lot with my doggies
# I read, watch TV, listen to music and …
# I love to work in my garden, I never had a garden before
I moved up here to Raches in 2010.
# FOOD is an important part of the winter,
friends cook, I cook and we all eat!
# and as you know I photograph,
here are some pics from the nature just now;

# every winter I try to tidy up my home,
just found a box with old photos,
here are some;

— those were the day, we thought they never end …
and who know when is the end?
The photo with Ivan is great, and the story is fun, a Norwegian TV team came to film me with Toppen Bech, a famous TV journalist – and I suggested that we contacted Ivan. He had a house here and lived here most of the summer.

Do you know this place?

It is really worth to visit.

Other places on the island;

Cut from a magazine;

I did not know about this, do you?

Weather on Skopelos has been OK today,
but now we get a few drops of rain,
– and I do not care!!!
I can put the central heating on but even better is my wood-fire,
– have a lovely weekend!


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