A page for animal lovers …

Who are my darlings?
Just guess!


Pasxa is my no 1, she was born early spring 2005
and has been with me since the 1st of May then.
Found her left in the bed of the road just opposite
Agios Reginos. Tried to give her away, but …

She left me today 18th of December 2018 due to cancer in the liver, I am so sorry. RIP Pasxa mou, – no more pain. Love you Baby ;0(



Do I like cats? I have to, because they just come to me!!!
In 2008 I found Mikris mother half dead in the street,
I knew her and had been feeding her,
so I took her home, and nursed her to life.
Suddenly one morning I heard a week mjau, mjau –
Mikri was born. Ti na kano?
She and her mom was moved up to the OliveGrove
and lived there together, the mother disappeared,
but Mikri managed to live by herself.
I fed her every day!
When I move up to Raches in 2010 I took Mikri
with me, – she lives alone outside somewhere,
but knocks the window nearly every day for food!

So how did I get more cats?
They just showed up!!!
1 year up here came 2 small kittens, so cute;

They live outside my home, but comes in a lot,
– and stays the night if it is very cold or wet.
Very nice clean cats.
Then came and came and came;


At the moment October 2016 I am feeding about
20 cats around the house, just take a look;:

– but I got a new dog;

We do have some friends, here they are;

Here in red is small Agapi, moms terrier,
and a very good friend.
Pasxa boyfriend is;

From me and my animals is only to say
“Kalo Chimona” – Good Winter


4 thoughts on “A page for animal lovers …”

  1. Fantastic photos Nanna ! 🙂 Giving so many cats and dogs a good life must bee giving you and Kate a good life too ! Best wishes from us in Norway – the winter has started with strong winds and rain ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss Sir, the animals gives an extra pleasure to life. Just walked the doggies in the forrest for an hour and then coffee with mom. Best regards from us both :o)


    1. Thanks, dear! Hope to see you one Sunday lunch at Molos, Georgios Falkos with voice and guitar was with Panagiotis last Sunday, soooo great ;o)
      Kaoo xeimonas!


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