Disco Divas?

What has that to do with the photos up here?
Well, with my best Greek girl-friend, Debbie/Despina –
dancing up here – we went all Greek music.
Apolafsis and Karidia – both very good!
With Sian my best English girlfriend
we planned to go to the new disco.
Name I do not know but the man behind it is Sophos,
who is and have always been a very great DJ!
It is on the other side of the road,
just before the post office.
Pasxa and me went late to town,
going to stay in my friends house

OK, we had some retsina, went to the OuzoBar
alias International Cafè, met some friends, had some retsina …
– and the the 2 “disco divas” went home!!!
The time was nearly two and we needed our beauty-sleep ;o)

Last Saturday at Skiathos with
another good girlfriend;

Hope you have a good time,
I really did!

Girl-friends for ever ;o)

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