Gullrekka 2016

160607 057c
As you might know I worked here for Gulliver Reiser
from 1983 to 1993,
and every year one or more of my old colleges are visiting,
I love that!
Here you see me, to the right, Ståle, dr. Knardal, Trutt og Rill

– those where the days …

160607 007
Isn’t it lovely?

Mondays excursion, last stop was;

When in Skopelos, you have to visit Agios Ioannis!
I did that 1st time in 1983!
On our trip we have many stops, here are some of them;

At Kastani it is so nice, clean and peaceful in the morning,
the sea was very nice, some of the swimmers said!


160607 047c
They have made wholes, put a kind of steel cylinder-mesh inside and will fill it with betong, in order to keep the new surface – I think! So maybe on day soon I can drive “my” way, not the long one around …
160607 052c
The town beach is cleaned, and they are making the port better.
160607 065
The dirt you see here in the sea is just mud that the 59 mm of rain poored down yesterday, in less than 2 hours!
160607 071
Oregano, you know! I love it!

160607 051c

Last photo up is not really news, but I think it is great ;o)
Here are some few more pics;

And last but not least;
160607 016
My favorite boat is back, and we hope Poseidon
will let us go tomorrow!
Max amount of passengers 10, just fantastic!

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Gullrekka 2016”

  1. I am more and more intrigued by your site! In the days of Costas Sarris’ “Greek Connection” business I was often dispatched to the Skiathos airport to meet the Gullivers Reiser holiday makers and entertain them with Amstel beers & meze whilst their rooms were being sorted out.I genuinely would appreciate it if you could put me in contact with Costas or Oddvar Vinje and his kalivi. Thank you Rob Furlong


    1. Amazing, I am sure we must have met!
      I came to Skiathos first time in 1980, and had holidays in 81 and 82 also, always staying at Skiathos House.
      Lovely days!!!
      Waiting an answer from Oddvar.
      All the best from


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