Sorry – happy

160514 005c

You might know I love BLUE? It makes my HAPPY!
Here some pics from the “toe”-ladies beautiful, old door;

Over to my Saturday night;

160514 025First nice dinner at Molos, with the lovely music
by Panagiotis & friends,

then I was called to Ta Kimata where I got more great music;

160514 013cNikos to the left, I met here in 1983, since then he was a part of the great band Pix Lax for a while but always coming back to Skopelos every now and then. Strangely I have not been to where he has been playing, so it was so great to see and here them. Great music also including some rock and blues, thanks a lot!

What makes my  HAPPY & SORRY;

No roadwork today – it is Monday, so why not?
I am so SORRY, we need our road.
For thouse who does not know the road up from Kasto is ok,
but further up to Raches there is “no way” left!

Something that makes me happy;

160515 006Nikos, the one to the right at the music photo from Ta Kimata,
makes the most beautiful “bastounia” from Judas tree

Oversettelser av μπαστούνι


μπαστούνι, ινδοκάλαμος


μπαστούνι, ινδοκάλαμος


μπαστούνι, καλάμι, κάλαμος, ραβδί

walking stick

μπαστούνι, ράβδος

This Greek lesson made with the help of Google.

Sorry, for thouse who complains that I put some of the same photos on FaceBook as here

Τι να κάνω;
What to do?
Πώς να ευχαριστήσει όλους;
How to please all?

Over to Sunday;

160515 003
Sill & Nubbe & a dash of  RETSINA


160515 006
I know this is the 2nd time this photo is here today, sorry about that, but I can not manage to delet it!!!
160514 008c
She is soooo good at gardening, here she keeps the soil bag warm!
160514 007c
Growing just out of the stones, more or less!
160515 009
We visited To Dixti in Thessaloniki 2 times when we were there, such a great place.

160515 008I sent them an e-mail today to say thank you for the “moustaki” ,
which is no hanging at my wall!


160502 032x

If you remember the old Skopelitissa

it is still there, you can always go there and look at
some of the 2170 files,
I still pay to keep them there.
Or if you like you can Google and search for
for instance “Skopelitissa days of the year”
and you will get up “many nice days”!

The site has not been tuched since the 18th of December,
because FRONTPAGE stopped working,
But I need professional help and time!!!

That’s all for today, have a great coming week,
Norway will celebrate the 17th of May,
Independence day

Ημέρα της ανεξαρτησίας

Eθνική Εορτή

National Holiday


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