Dentist & the days that just passed

I know that you are not interested to read about my visit
to the dentist, but maybe the price?
I paid 60 € for full cleaning, check up and one repair.
My dentist has great new office with brad new equipment
and is educated in Germany.

More buses are up, unfortunately not for
Stafilos and Agnondas yet!
The main-road are closed after the turn-off for Limnonari,
due to damages after the “tsunami”
(most call it that, but it was “only”  heavy rain!)
in September. Cars can drive all the way to Limnonari.
Rumors says it will be repaired soon …

14/5 and some friends who walked down to Agnondas yesterday, said that they are working on the road, bravo, bravissimo!

160512 009c160512 045c
My view again … Very misty, but warm, it was 20,3C
when I went to bed and 20,7 when I got up at 7!

Here are some pics from the last days;

I love walking inside town, specially now with flowers everywhere.

το σκουλαρίκι

the earring is what they call the Fuchsia in Greek –
last 2 photos.

160512 037c160512 021c160512 018c160512 003cMagali is open again, and the “platia” Platanos is nicely repaired.

Skopelos is ready for YOU ;o)

Καλώς ήρθατε


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