Poppy, Wisteria, snakes & a moth

160414 011c
— on a gray day!

I love spring, I love flowers, I love Skopelos

What is my favorite flower?
Difficult to answer …
A Blue iris, my Caribbean rose or a Skopelos wild flower?
But there are nothing like the POPPY
160414 015c

and when I found a whole field of them just around the corner, it was amazing!

In Mortero, one of my favorite places on the island,
you know to the right, just before/behind Panormos,
I shot this yesterday;

But there is always a s…. in the paradise;

160414 028c
What is this? It was big, more than one meter long,
it moved very slow over the road.
I got the answer from Liz and Brian Ridout,
who are categorizing incest and more her.
They have published two books about the wildlife here.
Here is the mail I got after sending them the snake photo;

“Brian is very jealous. It looks like a typical four lined snake which isn’t supposed to be hear – only the blotched four lined snake. Anyway it grows to 2.5m and eats rats!! A lovely find – thank you for telling us and the pictures.

Thanks a lot!
An autumn some years ago I shot this snake;

Liz and Brian told me it was a leopard snake, and also that is not supposed to be here;


“We saw a small live snake today,
about 35 cm long, thin like a pencil and very “slow”
– it was not sunny and warm.
Think it is a;
“hus-slange” –

The leopard snake is a beautiful indigenous reptile that lives
in vegetated areas and sometimes visits gardens.

In Maltese, the leopard snake is known as lifgħa. It can grow up to one metre in length and hunts small animals such as young birds, reptiles, frogs, mice and even small snakes. But it is not poisonous.

In the Acts of the Apostles, it is written that Paul of Tarsus was shipwrecked in what we believe are the Maltese islands in AD60 and that while he was warming himself near a fire he was bitten by a viper but he did not die.
This gave rise to the belief that, as a result of this,
all snakes in Malta lost their poison.”


So when in Skopelos, do not worry about snakes,
only one is poisonous, the viper, and I have never heard of anybody being bitten,
and Brian said he never saw one alive, – and he looks out for wildlife all the time.

Talking about leopards;
Also this not common in Skopelos!

Have a wonderful weekend!